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Comprehensive cleaning solutions for education and government buildings.

We have experience cleaning education and government buildings across Australia. As a result, we understand the restrictions imposed by budgets and provide comprehensive, long-term cleaning solutions that won’t break the bank.

Childcare Services

Secure an expert cleaning service that you can trust for your childcare centre.

We understand how important hygiene is in any workplace, especially one where children are involved. Our comprehensive childcare centre cleaning service delivers a sanitary environment for all people, big and little. By using only eco-friendly products such as organic hand soap and biodegradable cleaning products, we also avoid the use of harsh chemicals that might damage sensitive skin.

Our commitment to providing the best cleaning service for childcare centres is matched only by our dedication to providing the best service. Thanks to our rigorous training and screening processes, you can trust our team in your workplace. All of our staff have passed Australian Police and Australian Federal Police security and criminal checks, and also require a Working with Children certificate before being placed in your childcare centre. We carefully choose staff that share our commitment to customer satisfaction.


A budget-friendly cleaning service that will get your school in A-grade shape.

With years of experience in educational and government settings, we have helped keep primary and high schools, universities, preschools, kindergartens and libraries spick, span and free from germs. Our school cleaning services will satisfy all of your cleaning and maintenance needs without stretching the budget.

We know how important it is to keep your school clean and sanitary for both staff and students. No matter the size of your campus or how varied the facilities, we have the expertise to take care of it. To ensure we don’t introduce any toxic chemicals into your school, we only use natural biodegradable cleaning products that are gentle on people as well as the Earth.

The cornerstone of our business is our trustworthy and dedicated staff. All staff members pass a rigorous screening process involving checks with the Australian Police and the Australian Federal Police. To give you peace of mind, we also require a Working with Children certificate for any staff working in schools.