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An executive cleaning service that works as hard as you do.

With many years of expertise in industrial cleaning, we have developed a reputation for providing cost-effective solutions that deliver consistently high results. We offer both exterior and interior services to suit heavy-duty industrial sites. By tailoring our approach to suit your situation, we create an ‘all round’ solution for your industrial cleaning and maintenance needs.


A tailored cleaning solution for your factory.

As part of our factory cleaning service, we provide highly trained teams with the technical knowledge to fulfil your needs. From our extensive experience with industrial cleaning, we know that each and every factory requires different services. Our staff follow strict guidelines, check-lists and procedures tailored to suit your individual specifications.

Industry never sleeps, and neither do we. With our service guarantee, our factory cleaning involves personalised systems and schedules backed up with the support of managers who can be reached 24 hours a day. Whether you are running a food preparation plant that requires the highest hygiene standards or a workshop that runs around the clock, we have the equipment and expertise you need.

With our ISO accredited OH&S and Quality Management Systems in place, you can rest assured that our cleaning service for factories will meet all your specifications in a safe and responsible manner. Our economical all round factory cleaning solutions will take the hassle out of keeping your factory clean.